Objects can be recorded with the laser scanner from different positions. If your registration is not to be based exclusively on the measurement data, you can use our special aiming targets. In addition to laser scanning balls, we also offer rectangular and circular target plates in various sizes, with integrated prism on request. It is important for us to be able to place the target signs anywhere, simply and securely.

The proper accessories matter

Depending on practical requirements, the plates or spheres must be able to be placed on different substrates and fixing options:

  • Mounting on threads via adapters: 5/8″, M8, 1/4″, 3/8″
  • Connection via switchable magnets on cars / steel surfaces
  • Connection via vacuum suction holder on smooth surfaces
  • Stable mounting on base plate
  • Attachment via magnetic ball bases

More information

You will find the chapter “Laserscanning” in our complete catalogue.

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Example products from the field of laser scanning

The classic laser scanning sphere

  • For registration and georeferencing
  • As control point, reference point, link point
  • Plastic, white matt lacquered – optionally with impact-resistant surface
  • Ø 145 mm, with M8 inner thread
  • Numerous accessories available

Circular target plate – various designs

  • For registration and georeferencing
  • Connection via rear hemisphere for attachment to magnetic ball bases within seconds
  • High (repeatable) accuracies via forced centring
  • Can be combined with ball prism. Easy exchange due to magnet. System
  • Distance 100 mm and 196 mm easily accessible
  • Different designs (and designs on customer request)