The functional principle of the determination of hidden points (mathematical extension of a base, whose 2 prisms are measured tachymetrically according to X, Y and Z) has since been used mainly for the reception of sewer shafts. In that case, base A has a length of 1 m and the extensions often several meters. If the base length is reduced, however, the „2-prism method“ can also be used very well for all points which can not be measured in a classical way or can not be measured exactly neither by electrooptically measurement with a prism or reflector, nor directly by means of a laser distance meter.

With a base of 100 mm in length and as short as possible extensions, very high centering accuracies at the object point are achieved by our Mini Vektor (application examples see below).
Existing programs in total stations can be used to calculate hidden points.

precision measurements with total stations

Features of the Mini Vektor system:

  • hardend tip with M6 thread or Leica connection
  • optional circular level
  • joint-system to apply to various bases (see below)
  • two prisms with constant K = -11,3 (Leica = +23,1) mm

More information

Mini-Vektor can be found in our complete Katalog within the chapter „B – Spezielle Prismen / Anwendungen“.

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Mounting options

Mini-Vektor on switchable magnet

  • to use for safe mounting on magnetic surfaces

Mini-Vektor on suction mounting

  • to use for safe mounting on smooth surfaces (e.g. glass)
  • suction holder also available with vacuum display

Mini-Vektor on lever clamp

  • to use for safe mounting on desktops, batter boards etc.

Mini-Vektor on steel ring

  • to use for safe mounting on heavy steel stand