Welcome to the website of Bohnenstingl GmbH. We have been active in the development, production and distribution of surveying accessories for over 30 years. For the optimal insight into our accessories open our detailed online catalog or visit the webshop right away.

Ball prism with new applications

The ball prism has become a central part of our surveying accessories. For a long time now, it has not only been used in the monitoring of structures. The ball prism can be combined with other surveying accessories from Bohnenstingl. The result is a multitude of applications:

  • Ball prism as classic mini prism: Can be combined with stake-out points, extensions, circular levels, etc.
  • For measuring and surveying of ground points and wall points
  • As a prism for the measuring of batter boards
  • As surveying reflector in industrial 3D surveying
  • Furthermore as monitoring prism

New product 2020: Wall tripod

Our goal was to develop an instrument tripod for mounting on tunnel walls. We created the WATRIPO with the following features:

  • Stable, repeatable wall tripod for tunneling
  • Mounting with wall bolts, magnets or suction holders
  • Every instrument / tribrach can be screwed on
  • Use also makes sense outside tunnel construction

Surveying accessories for precision measurements

Our high quality and very accurate surveying accessories make precision measurements of all kinds possible: