High differential accuracies can be achieved in rail and track measurement with suitable devices and a good measuring arrangement. For this purpose we offer the “track gauge system”, “rail angle SW PRO” and “prism holder for bolt markings”. When used with our slim prisms of the HIP series, they can be mounted close to the catenary masts.

Track marking requires special accessories, aligned to 12 mm diameter bolts and specified track gauge.

Rail Angle SW Pro

Rail angle for exact measurement of the track position

  • Exact contact at the reference point
  • Vertical use also guaranteed on tracks with an angle
  • Comfortable working in a standing position possible
  • Can be used for all rail widths (6-8 cm) thanks to adjustable stop
  • Optionally available with Leica spigot or 5/8″ connection
  • Special designs possible, e.g. for crane rails

Prism holder for bolt marking

Prism holder for horizontal bolts

  • For measuring horizontally inserted Ø 12 mm bolts, e.g. on overhead line masts
  • Simple vertical positioning exactly above the reference point
  • Optional with circular level visible from below
  • Optionally available with Leica spigot or 5/8″ connection

Track Gauge System TGS

Surveying rail positions and track gauge

  • Tachymetric determination of track gauge (950 to 1500 mm), superelevation and track axis
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Use two prisms of your choice

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