The “Vector” system is used for the measurement of hidden points, e.g. manhole bottom points such as channel bottoms, inlets and outlets. With the “Vektor” system, we were the first manufacturer of channel measuring poles that are not made of aluminium, but of the very light carbon and glass fibre reinforced plastics CFRP and GFRP.

Handy & light

The base of the prism pole system “Vektor” is made up of two synchronously tilting prisms which are available in four different prism constants. The base has a 5/8″ inner thread at the top and a 5/8″ inner thread or stud bolt connection at the bottom.
The base is then brought to the required length by adding extension segments. The hardened tip at the lower end of the system ensures a durable, low-wear use. Due to the material made of either CFRP or CFRP/GFRP blended fabric, the “vektor” pole is very light, corrosion-resistant, not permanently deformable and has a high bending stiffness.

Special accessories such as transport bags, circular levels and tripods facilitate handling in practice.

Measurement of inlets and their diameters

Accessories for special applications

The determination of the position and height of inlets, outlets and inlets in shafts is made possible by the use of eccentrics and measuring brackets. Diameters can also be measured without entering the shaft.