Objects can be recorded with the laser scanner from different points of view. If their registration is not to be carried out exclusively on the basis of the measurement data, our special scanning target can be used. In addition to laser scanning spheres, we also offer rectangular and circular laser scanning targets in various sizes, with an integrated prism if desired. It is important for us to be able to place the targets everywhere, easily and stable.

Connection options:

Depending on the practical conditions, the targets or spheres must be able to be mounted to all kinds of undergrounds and objects:

  • Thread via adapter: 5/8″, M8, 1/4″, 3/8″
  • Connection via switchable magnet on steel surfaces
  • Connection via vacuum suction holder on smooth surfaces
  • Stable mounting on tripod stand plate
  • Attachment via magnetic ball bases
  • Magnetic base Ø40 mm
  • Leica bolt connection (quick change)

Detailed Information:

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Laser Scanning Equipment

Laser scanning targets “Pocket” in U-beam

  • Connection: Via magnetic base Ø40 mm or Leica bolt mount
  • As control point or linking point
  • Back side: Red-yellow reflective target marker Ø45 mm for georeferencing
  • Cardanically suspended target plate 118×108 mm, can rotated
  • Checkerboard pattern 112×102 mm

Ø270 mm checker board target in U-Frame

  • For registration and georeferencing
  • As a control point, link point
  • Back side, version 1: Reflective target marker
  • Back side, version 2: Ø1.5″ hemisphere for magnetic connection
  • Bottom connection: Leica bolt connection
  • Target Ø270 mm fully rotatable

U-Frame with magnetic base Ø1.5″

  • Connection via magnetic base Ø40 mm or Leica bolt connection
  • Integrated magnetic base for insertion of Ø1.5″ ball prism or targets with Ø1.5″ rear hemisphere
  • Fully rotatable
  • For high-precision switching between ball prism / SMR and scanning target (georeferencing)

Targets with rear Ø1.5″ hemisphere connection

  • For insertion into magnetic bases (from the monitoring accessories, on L-Beams or in U-Frames).
  • Different sizes: Ø270 mm, Ø108 mm, 150 x 118 mm
  • Rectangular panel (150 x 118 mm) with space for inscriptions

Rigid scanning target with Leica connection

  • Bottom connection: Leica bolt connenction (quick release).
  • Rear: Red-yellow reflective target Ø45 mm for georeferencing
  • Can be rotated 360° around standing axis through Leica connection
  • Tilting axis height corresponds to Leica standard prisms (86 mm)

L-Prisms with same height as scanning / reference spheres

  • Prisms available with various prism constants
  • Connection via magnetic base Ø40 mm (like standard magnet of the scanning spheres)
  • Tilting axis height of L-prisms on magnetic base adapter corresponds to height of laser scanning spheres (if supplied standard magnet is used)
  • Can be used on various centering plates or “free in space” on steel surfaces

Reference sphere / laser scanning sphere

  • Standard spheres Ø145 mm and Ø200 mm available
  • Standard or Flex version
  • Standard magnets included
  • Also available as a set in transport case
  • Only here: Ø145 mm ball as a segment (for narrow space or on catenary poles)

Tripods / mounting options for laser scanner / targets

  • Mini tripod for placing scanners or targets close to the ground
  • Stable clamping screws for attachment to poles, panels or scaffolding
  • Vertical mounting on walls also possible
  • Suction holder with vacuum indicator for mounting on smooth surfaces
  • Switchable magnets for attachment to steel surfaces