Bohnenstingl GmbH


We – Bohnenstingl GmbH – have been dealing with the development, production and distribution of special surveying accessories since 1984. At the centre of our work is the endeavour to develop accessories for surveyors and surveying engineers which make field work easier and more reliable. We also focus on increasing profitability and efficiency. Since our products often originated and originate from a special problem, we also see ourselves as developers and manufacturers of solutions for special challenges in the field of geodesy. Hence the word “special” in front of the term “surveying accessories” since 1984.
Our aim is not to solve problems that arise during local surveying with temporary solutions, but to create a mature product for this purpose. If we come to the conclusion that this can also be interesting for other surveyors, we manufacture a small series and include it in our range.
We develop our products primarily according to ideas and specifications of the engineering and surveying office of the same name and on suggestions and wishes of our customers.

An example of consistent product development is the topic of prism constants. The knowledge of their correct size is important for the daily measurement with electronic tachymeters. To avoid errors, we manufacture systems with special glass bodies that allow the user to use miniaturized prisms without having to change the prism constant. In addition, they have to meet the qualitative and technical requirements in order to achieve the highest measuring accuracy. Since the connections to the topic of prism constants often lead to ambiguities for the practitioner, we took this on board at an early stage. Our product catalogue contains a treatise on the various definitions of prism constants. In addition, there is a current table in which a large number of commercially available prisms are listed along with their constants. The necessary settings on the electronic tachymeter were compared depending on the system.

Since 1989 we have taken part as an exhibitor at the annual INTERGEO trade company exhibition, which takes place as part of the German Geodesy Day. On this date in autumn each year, we regularly present our new developments since then.