Surveying of pipes, rolls, rollers, tubes, bolts, etc.

The tachymetric measurement of the axis position of circular objects is difficult without special tools.
Bohnenstingl GmbH offers various tools for the measurement of vertical, horizontal, as well as inclined cylinders (for example anchor bolts, paper rollers, gas pipes) as well as boreholes.

In the construction sector and industry, threaded bolts with large diameters (M24, M36, M48, etc.) are frequently found. Accurate measurement of the anchor bolts is important for precise mounting of components delivered later. To quickly measure up many different bolts, choose the cone adapter. If you want to measure very precise data of a specific types of bolts, the adapter series “BOAXE” is recommended. This offers not only the possibility to determine the axis position at the top of the bolt, but also at any point of the bolt, even at an angle.

Our adapter “APEX” was developed to measure the highest point of a horizontally positioned cylinder. This method is particularly useful for the insertion, inspection and measurement of rollers, rolls, pipes and pipelines.

For measuring borehole axes, you can use the “HEMI” hemisphere adapter (up to ⌀95 mm), the cone adapter (up to ⌀60 mm) or a classic spherical prism (up to ⌀35 mm).

The tacheometric measurement of cylindrical objects is versatile and requires the correct tool. Therefore, we dedicate an entire chapter in our general catalog to the topic of bolt measurement, roll measurement and borehole measurement. Below  you will find a rough overview of the available measuring methods.

BOAXE: Measurement of anchor bolts / threaded bolts

Tool for determining the axes of vertical or inclined bolts with Ø from 16 to 56 mm.
The BOAXE consists of a 90° contact prism and a screwed-on lid as upper part. These must be combined depending on the diameter of the bolt. The adapter is attached tangentially by means of the contact prism via two leg surfaces, while the lid rests on the top of the bolt. The M8 thread integrated in the cover then lies in the bolt axis and can be used as a connection for prisms of any type.

By using a vector with 2 prisms, the axis position of an inclined bolt can also be coordinated – both at the top of the bolt and at any other point. By entering the extension dimension L, the 3D coordinates of the desired point can be calculated with the help of a program for calculating hidden points (“2 prism method”, “sewer measuring program”, etc.).

APEX: Measuring pipes, rolls, rollers, tubes etc.

The APEX is a tool with two symmetrical legs. This contact prism is placed on the horizontal cylinder (roller, pipe, pipeline, etc.) and comes to rest tangentially at two points. The adapter can now be moved horizontally by means of a tubular level mounted on the upper side. A centering pin runs through the center axis of the adapter and rests against the highest point of the cylinder to be measured. Any prism can be screwed onto the top of the centering pin. The coordinate of the highest point of the cylinder is calculated with the known height offset from the center of the prism to the point of contact of the centering pin.

Features of the cylinder measuring tool:

  • Two tubular levels allow placement of the tool at the top, bottom and outermost (left and right) points
  • Integrated magnets: Independent hold of the adapter on cylinders made of magnetic material
  • Possibility of attachment to non-magnetic surfaces via elastic band (also sideways and overhead)
  • Locking screw for fixing the centering pin
  • Integrated pressure spring ensures that the centering pin is always in contact with the object to be measured

HEMI: Measurement of borehole axes up to Ø 95 mm

The hemisphere adapter can be placed on all boreholes and circular openings with Ø60 to Ø95 mm. In combination with a Ø1.5″ (38.1 mm) ball prism, the axis of the borehole can be measured with high precision.
The spherical prism is placed on the magnetic base integrated in the hemisphere adapter and aligned with the total station.
The centers of the hemisphere and the spherical prism are absolutely identical (+- 0.1 mm).

Features borehole measuring tool “HEMI”

  • Anodized hemisphere base made of aluminum
  • Permanently integrated magnetic base to hold the sphere prism even overhead.
  • 12 integrated permanent magnets. These independently hold the borehole adapter on vertical openings made of magnetic material with a Ø of 60 mm or more
  • M8 thread for connection of handholds or rod extensions
  • Clip closure for attaching ball prisms with drop guards
  • Measuring accuracies with Bohnenstingl ball prisms in the submillimeter range

Cone adapter: The quick all-rounder

The cone adapter can be turned by 180°. It can then be inserted into (bore) holes. Due to the conical shape of the adapter, the prism centers itself above the axial center of the hole. This allows the position of Ø20 – 60 mm holes to be measured quickly and easily.

Borehole Measuring Adapter

  • Adapter fits on (bore) holes Ø20 – 60 mm
  • To determine the axial center of the hole
  • Can be used with ball prism or with steel pin with any other prism

Complete Catalogue

Tools for measuring rolls, pipes, pipelines, boreholes, anchor bolts and threaded bolts are also part of our detailed and linked general catalog. The surveying catalog is available in German and English here: