The principle is the same with almost all of our holders: Place the computer on a matching plate that is slightly larger than the computer casing. The protruding, powder-coated plate protects against potential impacts and simultaneously serves as a base for one or more clamping levers. These are used to fix the computer in place, protecting it from falling out and moving. Even overhead carrying is possible.
Numerous accessories can be used to extend the holders for various applications.

On poles, tripods or mobile

With a suitable ball head you can align your computer on a tripod. If you combine the ball head with one of our pole clamps, the holder can be attached to your GNSS pole or instrument stand in no time at all.

Use straps and adapters for mobile carrying of the computer, the Uni 168 swivel mount or hooks for attaching to the instrument stand: You always have both hands free.

In addition to our universal holders, we offer special holders for the following computer models:

  • Panasonic FZ-G1
  • Panasonic FZ-M1
  • Panasonic CF-20
  • Getac T800
  • Getac F110
  • Trimble T10

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You will find the chapter “Computer Holders” in our complete catalogue.

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Possible applications of our computer holders

On GNSS/Prism pole

You can attach the holder to the side of the pole using the combination pole clamp traverse with a ball head. The computer can be optimally aligned ergonomically and at the same time placed as close as possible to the centre of gravity of the pole.

Light-weight surveying tripod “Easy Going”

With our tripod “Easy Going”, specially developed for the surveying area, you always have your hands free. The light and robust tripod can be moved with one hand and stands stable at your side, completely uncoupled from the instrument tripod.

Mobile with carrying fixture

For every computer holder we also offer an option for mobile carrying. With a neck or shoulder strap and an adapter, the holder is suspended at two or four points, depending on the weight. Due to the adjustable strap length you can work with the holder close to the abdomen at the most comfortable height for you.

With the instrument tripod

For customers who want to work with a computer attached to the instrument stand, we offer the following options:

  • Clamp on the tripod leg
  • Hook for attaching to tripod strap
  • Rotatable holder on the tripod plate