Surveying Products

Here you will find an overview of the Bohnenstingl surveying products bundled in categories. These you will also find as a categorised structure in our catalogue and online shop. For detailed information on individual products, please open our catalogue.

A . Prism-Holders, Mini-Prisms, Prism-Accessories

  • Information about modern prism constants
  • Mini prism series HIP
  • Prism holder series ONRT for MP24 prisms
  • Cylinder Prism ZP11
  • 360° prisms
  • Accessories for surveying prisms

B . Monitoring / Tunneling Prisms

  • Ball prism monitoring system: Ball prism, magnetic base, centering plates
  • Using L-Beam Prisms as monitoring points
  • System MoniPro for heavy weather conditions
  • Use prisms vertically above M8 wall bolts as survey points
  • Monitoring System: Twin-System (use two prisms to measure one point)
monitoring prism

C . Precision measurements / 3D Surveying

  • Industrial 3D measurements: With stainless steel bases
  • System Klimax: To measure wall and ground points
  • Modular Mini-Vektor (stack ZP11 prisms for prism towers)
  • One-Unit Mini-Vektor
  • Mini Prism Tirpod Triangel for points, edges etc.

D . Batter boards

  • Pendulum holder for batter boards
  • Prism Nail Holder HIT to hammer onto boards
  • Manual prism holder for batter board

E . Sewage Surveying

  • Main part: Vektor base (with two integrated prisms)
  • Extensions
  • Boom to measure sewage inlets and outlets
  • Tripod for sewer poles
sewage surveying

F . Structure Surveying

  • Prism holder with offset for building corners
  • Prism goose neck holder for MP24
  • Precision prism 17.5
  • Chamfer adapter to measure edges with bevels
  • Holder for laser distance meters

G . Track Surveying / Rail Measurements

  • Prism holder for bolt marking / overhead contact line
  • Rail angle for track edges
  • Track Gauge Measurement System

H . Computer Holder / Laptop Holder / Toughbook Holder / Tablet Holder

  • Holder for Panasonic FZ-G1
  • Holder for Panasonic FZ-M1
  • Holder for Panasonic CF-20
  • Holder for Getac T800
  • Holder for Getac F110
  • Holder for Trimble T10
  • Holder and pole for GNSS receiver Trimble & Stonex
  • Universal Computer Holders for Toughbooks, Tablets and Laptops
  • Accessories to use computer mobile, on a pole or on the tripod

I . Laserscanning / Targets

  • Circular Laserscanning Targets
  • Laserscanning Spheres
  • Quick change system between laserscanning sphere and actual prism

J . General Surveying Products

  • Instrument tripods for total stations / laser scanner
  • Tripod star for safe stand of instrument tripods
  • Anti-slip feet for instrument tripods
  • Tribrachs and tribrach inserts
  • Desk holder for tribrachs
  • Transport cases for surveying accessories

K . Adapters & Extensions

  • Various adapters and extensions, made especially for the surveying industry
  • High quality parts made of stainless steel, anodized aluminium or carbon material