When measuring building lengths, clamping dimensions, eccentric points, object points on facades or wall surfaces in general, special tools are required. Not all tasks can be solved without a reflector. We offer practical helpers that have been developed in the field.

Precision Prism PP 17.5

  • Accurate measurement of object points on facades
  • Waterproof and shockproof high performance prism
  • Hardened, wear-resistant mandrel
  • Plastic cap, for better targeting & protection of the prism

SBF Flexible Chamfer Angle

  • Direct measurement of the constructive edge of concrete components with a chamfer > 20 mm
  • Angle holder adapts to the angle of the component thanks to hinge joint
  • The screw-in prism can be rotated flexibly in all directions after being put on
  • Application e.g. for positioning and checking concrete elements

Prism Goose Neck

  • Direct measurement of points on the wall surface and inner and outer corners
  • Gooseneck for reaching unfavourable points
  • Secure hold due to non-slip handle
  • Any prism pole with 5/8″ connection can be screwed on as an extension

Eccentric measurement of building corners

  • For tachymetric measurement of building points
  • Different eccentric offsets can be realized
  • Flexible rotation of the prism around the vertical axis possible
  • Can be used with many commercially available prisms

Distance measurement with KiLas-Geo

  • Universal holder for distance measurement in standard tasks:
    – Determination of eccentric points
    – Building lengths
    – Dimensions between 2 ground points
  • One holder for various applications
  • Suitable for many laser distance meters

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