Controller, Toughbook, Laptop, Tablet - Carrying Solution for all Tablets

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the field/outdoors is familiar with the question: Where to put the computer/controller? Pole solutions are often widely available (see also our solution). But what if the computer needs to be used independently of the pole? Carrying it in your hand is not only a hindrance, but also carries the risk of the computer falling on the ground. A carrying holder (shoulder harness) allows you to work with both hands. We offer you several possibilities to carry your computer around with you – hands-free. From a simple two-point suspension, a 4-point suspension to the Carry Easy carrying system (see below). It depends on whether you just want to just “throw the computer around your neck” or if you want to carry it around for hours. Each system has its advantages. Below you will find a overview of our systems. In our catalog these systems are described in great detail. Basically we have possibilities to use every type of computer mobile. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you.

Effortless workflow with the Carry Easy carrying system


Carry Easy – Shoulder Harness

  • Designed to carry around any type of computer for long periods of time
  • Even weight distribution on both shoulders
  • Adjustment options: Distance computer to abdomen, alignment of the computer, shoulder strap adjustable
  • Extension option “Fold”: For folding the computer to the upper body. Free view on where you are walking
  • A 1.5″ RAM ball variation is also available

Other Carrying Systems for Tablets


2-Point Suspension

  • Carrying system for light computers (tablets, small Toughbooks)
  • Compatible with our universal holder ALOVAR
  • For attaching a neck strap or shoulder strap
  • Two sturdy stainless steel ring eyelets

4-Point Suspension

  • Carrying system for large computers, for example laptops
  • Compatible with our universal holder ALOVAR
  • Computer can be placed in an rectangular angle like a hawker’s tray
  • Stable cord system

Mini Hawker’s tray adapter

  • Two stainless steel retaining brackets for attaching shoulder straps
  • Compatible with universal holders and special holders
  • Compact, stable hawker’s tray design