The functional principle of the determination of hidden points (mathematical extension of a base, whose 2 prisms are measured tachymetrically according to X, Y and Z) has since been used mainly for the surveying of sewage runoffs. The base usually has a length of 1 m and the extensions often several meters. If the base length is reduced, the “2-prism method” can also be used very well for all points that cannot be measured in the classical way – i.e. neither electrooptically with a prism or reflector, nor directly with a laser range finder.
With a base length of 100 mm and the shortest possible extensions, our mini vector achieves very high centering accuracies at the object point (see below for application examples).
As a rule, existing programs can be used to calculate hidden points.


Next to our one-unit Mini-Vektor we also offer a modular Mini-Vector system. You can put together cylindrical prisms, extensions and other accessories in any combination and length you like. Also: You can use the cylindrical prisms by themselves as regular mini prisms (for example on a prism pole).

Modular Features

  • Cylinder Prism ZP11 (K = -11,3 (Leica = +23,1) mm)
  • Tip: 70 mm or 20 mm length
  • Extensions: 50, 100, 150 mm
  • Circular level
  • Joint arm with various bases (see below)

More information

You’ll find the mini vector and accessories in the chapter “Precision Measurements” in our catalogue.

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Mounting options

Mini-Vektor on switchable magnet

  • Suitable for secure mounting on magnetic surfaces

Mini-Vektor on suction cup holder

  • For secure attachment to smooth surfaces
  • Suction holder also available with vacuum indicator

Mini-Vektor on clamp

  • For secure attachment to table edges, wood panelling, etc.

Mini-Vektor on steel ring

  • For secure mounting on heavy steel ring