One of the standard tasks in engineering surveying is the measurement of batter boards. Our products are among the most renowned helpers in this category. The manual reflector holder has been in use since 1985. If you want (or have to) measure a batter board by yourself, we recommend the pendulum holder or the HIT nail holder.

Pendulum holder

For prisms with Leica or 5/8″ connection

  • For batter boards with sufficient freedom to the ground
  • It’s possible to do one-man measurements
  • No errors due to the fact that the tool has not to be held manually
  • Automatic vertical positioning of the prism
  • Can be used with commercially available prisms
  • Stakeout tip with prism can also be used without pendulum

Manual Reflector Holder

Perfect for use with a measuring aid

  • Exchangeable marking mandrel
  • Gimbal-mounted reflector support
  • Two circular levels for staking out and measuring the nail
  • Compact and light construction

Prism Nail Holder HIT

Hits the nail on the head

  • Also for batter boards with little or no freedom to the ground
  • Possible to do one-man measurements
  • Holder forms a unit with the nail
  • No control measurement necessary
  • Circular level for the vertical position of the prism

Batter board instrument holder

Your tachymeter or levelling instrument stable on the string framework

  • For mounting surveying instruments on batter boards, planks, boards etc.
  • Automatic centering with the already existing axis nail
  • Quick assembly, also possible without axis nail

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